Jones House

Housemaster - DJS Wilson, BA, PGCE

Senior Housemaster: Mr. D.J.S. Wilson

Jones House

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        L6 Tutor: Miss. K. Reid                 Year 12 Tutor: Mr. S. Gamble

Year 11 Tutor: Mr. M. Titterington         Year 10 Tutor: Mrs. M. Matchett

Year 9 Tutor: Mrs. K. Gilmore             Year 8 Tutor: Mr. D. Lambe


Senior Prefects: Simon Ewing, Stuart McCaughan

Head of House: Stuart McCaughan

House Secretaries: Simon Ewing, Ethan Redpath & Patrick Shields


   Joshua Blundell         Jordan Bryden  
 Aaron Keery        Sam Manley


Year 8: Adams L, Anderson J, Beattie J, Beaumont C, Brooks J, Clarke A, Craigan R, Crawford D, Fegan A, Greer J, Hetherington T, Junk R, King C, King M, Knox C, McClean E, McKee D, McKinstry B, McMurtry W, Nesbitt W, Reid C, Robertson K, Stewart R, Toogood B, Wallace J, Wallace P.

Year 9: McDowell M

Year 13: Betts M


Year 12: Demeuldre N, Johnston S, Patterson B, Woods P

Year14: Blakley J, Emerson T, Fraser A, Gillian R, Hogg C, Hunter C, Keane A, Keery K, Magowan L, Mallon A, Millar R, Mulligan M, Percy M, Ross C, Ruddell P, Shek T, Sloan R, Strain J, Thompson K, Wood J.

Firstly, we would like to welcome the new members to Jones House for this academic year. During the 2014-15 year the pupils of Jones House have excelled, both academically and in their co-curricular activities. Also, we look forward to your contribution to the House Championship this year and hopefully with your help we will get our hands back on the Shield!

Last year Jones finished 4th in a highly contested House Championship. Members of the House demonstrated their talents in various competitions throughout the year. There were notable performances in the House Basketball, Junior Cross Country, Corry Cup and the House Hockey where we finished 2nd in each of these competitions. Furthermore, Jones also dominated the House Quiz finishing 1st. These results highlight both the pupils’ academic and sporting capabilities.

Individuals from Year 8 to Year 14 have performed excellently in their co-curricular activities. Luke Kelly, of last year’s Year 8, played in the Junior Irish Open and Ulster Boys Golf tournaments, which is an excellent achievement. Also, Robbie Shaw was accepted onto a Talented Athlete’s Programme.

The Year 9 had many talented sportsmen. Noah Brown and Rowan Luney represented the school in Fencing; Noah also represented Northern Ireland in Show Jumping. Jude Postlethwaite won the J. Hunter Cup with his rugby team and Josh Patterson represented the school in Rugby, Athletics, Tennis and Table Tennis.

The Year 10 continued to demonstrate the sporting ability of the House, with William Hurst and Joel Carson winning the Tennis Plate with the Junior A Tennis Team and Michael Thompson represented the school in Fencing at the Crystal Palace Open Schools.

In Rugby, David Lyttle, Kane Hagen, Connor McCormick and Matthew Fleetham, of Year 11, were part of the winning Medallion Shield squad. David Lyttle is also part of the U17 Ulster Rugby Team, which is a tremendous achievement. Jack McMillan was involved in the Youth Olympics for swimming in Tiblisi over the summer, another exceptional sportsman within the House!

From the Year 12, Adam Eakin was selected on the Ulster Schools Water Polo tour to Edinburgh which is a great achievement. Callum Reid also represented the Ulster Under 18 Rugby squad during the year, playing in the Interpros and participating on a tour to England. Callum was also a member of the Schools’ Cup winning squad this year. Another success story has been Paul Verdon, who was selected onto the Irish Senior Fencing Team, which is a remarkable achievement. Paul competed at the UK School Games and won a Bronze medal. Conor Gregg also boasted huge success in Athletics this year, taking Gold medals in the Ulster 100m and 200m finals, and another Gold medal in the All-Ireland 200m final.

In March, the 3rd XV Cup Final was played, where the RBAI Colts took on the RBAI Seniors in a very close match. Congratulations to Frazer Laughlin of Year 12, and Patrick Shields and Jonathan Miller of Year 13 who were on the winning Colts XV.

From Year 13, Sam Manley captained the Senior Ulster Swimming Squad that won the interprovincial tournament in Dublin, and also took part in the victorious Bath Cup team, topping off a highly successful year for our swimmers. In recognition of his Swimming achievements and his overall contribution to the life of the House and School, Sam was awarded the Jones Cup. Oliver Fleetham, Aaron Keery and Ethan Redpath also made history this year, being crucial members of the first ever RBAI Football team to win the Belfast League.

During the summer, Stuart McCaughan and Patrick Shields participated in voluntary trips with Habitat for Humanity. Stuart travelled to Ethiopia, whilst Patrick Travelled to Poland where they spent a week working on construction sites.

Turning now to academic results, the Year 12J pupils performed exceedingly well at GCSE level. James Emery and Ben Sloan achieved 11 A or A* grades each while Peter Garrett received 7A grades and 3B grades.

At AS level, Mark Leeson achieved 1 A grade and 3 B grades. Peter Goad also performed admirably, receiving 2A grades, an A at A2 level Maths and 1B grade. In addition to this, Stuart McCaughan came away with 4A grades.

In Year 14, Christopher Hogg achieved 3A* grades and 1A. Credit must also go to former Head of House Louis Magowan who achieved 2A* grades and 2A grades.

All the members of Jones House should be extremely proud of all their achievements throughout this year, and we would like to thank them for their commitment and dedication to both the House and the wider School. Lastly, we would like to thank the Form Tutors from Jones House for the work they have done this year, and a big thank you to Mr. Wilson for all the work he has done for the House behind the scenes.

Simon Ewing, Ethan Redpath, Patrick Shields

(House Secretaries)