Larmor House

Housemaster - Mr. G. Monteith.


Year 8: Mrs G Horner                          Year 9: Dr C McIvor 

Year 10: Mr P Sheppard                Year 11: Miss L Gray

Year 12:  Mrs E Johnston & Mrs P Mairs             Year 13: Mr I Robb & Mrs K Walsh

Head of House: Lewis McNamara

Deputy Head of House Harry Gallager

House Secretary: Adam McDonald

Prefects: Dylan Braithwaite, Max Brankin, Tom Elliott, Harry Gallagher, Mark Keane, James Kilpatrick, Nathan McCartney, Adam McDonald, Carson McKee, Lewis McNamara, Alexander O’Hare, Samuel Stronge and Ben Thompson.

Luke Blair, Eoin Bourke, Vince Bui, Oliver Clark, Henry Collin, Jack Darby, Thomas Dillon, Rhys Eaton, Jack Gardiner, Ben Hastings, John Kane, Dylan Kenny, Conor Loughridge, Aaron Macwilliam Hughes, Ben Magee, Matthew Marron, Deon McCollum, Josh Moohan, Max Moore, Shane Nicolson, Joshua Park, Joshua Preuss, Jack Reid, James Rose, Nathan Stronge and Ben Tong.

Jack Crone, Jonathan Doey, Jordan Emerson, Mark Fitzsimmons, Aled George, Neil Grayson, Tyrone Hawthorne, Andrew Hopkins, Jamie McIlveen, TJ Morris, Eoin Neville Forrest, James Nugent, Michael Ramsey and Andrew Thompson.

Larmour First form - 2015


Back Row:James Rose, Nathan Stronge, Ben Tong

 Third Row: Matthew Marron, Deon McCollum, Josh Moohan, Max Moore, Shane Nicolson, Joshua Park, Joshua Preuss, Jack Reid

Second Row: Thomas Dillon, Rhys Eaton, Jack Gardiner, Ben Hastings, John Kane, Dylan Kenny, Conor Loughridge, Aaron MacWilliam Hughes, Ben Magee

 Seated: Luke Blair, Eoin Bourke, Vince Bui, Mr Monteith, Mrs Horner, Oliver Clark, Henry Collin, Jack Darby


Motto -  'Cuique sunt vires suae'

Larmor House was founded in 1926, as one of the original four houses, and is named after the eminent physicist Sir Joseph Larmor.

Joseph Larmor was born on 1857 in Magheragall, Co. Antrim. When his father gave up farming to open a grocery business, the family moved to Belfast and, in due course, Joseph became a pupil of Inst. His education continued at Queen's University and in 1877, having graduated with BA and MA, he went to St John's College, Cambridge to study the Mathematical Tripos. By 1880 he had been awarded the Smith's Prize, elected a Fellow of the College and returned to Ireland as professor of Natural Philosophy at Queen's College, Galway. Having spent five years teaching in Galway he returned to St John's College and, in 1903, became Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge.

The researches for which he is chiefly remembered came at a time of major revolution in scientific thinking with the passing of classical physics and its replacement by quantum theory and relativity. Larmor's contributions can be seen as a bridge between the old and the new physics and, interestingly, he not only wrote the obituary for Lord Kelvin (of Kelvin House) but also acted as editor for his complete works. He was a Fellow of the Royal Society and served as its secretary from 1901 to 1912.

Knighted in 1909, Larmor served as MP for the University of Cambridge from 1911 to 1922, where his main contributions in Parliament were to strongly support education in general and universities in particular. He retired from Cambridge in 1932 and, with his health deteriorating, returned to Ireland to spend his final years in Holywood, Co. Down until his death in 1942.

Walter Page was the first Head of House. Today the metal crest from his school cap forms the centrepiece of the Walter Page Perpetual Shield which is presented annually to the Head of House.

The House motto was adopted in the 1990s. Its literal translation is ‘to each his own strength'. In the modern idiom we interpret this to mean ‘everyone is good at something' as an expression of our ethos of inclusiveness and the value we place on each and every member of the House as an individual.


I would like to start by welcoming all new members into Larmor House. I encourage you to get involved in house activities as early as possible and to take advantage of the opportunities they provide. RBAI has many clubs and societies and the experiences you will gain within them will be both challenging and rewarding. I offer our best wishes to all those in Year 12 and in Year 14 who have left to pursue higher education and full time employment.

Congratulations to all those in Upper Sixth who have been appointed prefects, in particular Lewis McNamara on being appointed Deputy Head of School and Carson McKee on being appointed Senior Prefect. I am confident that our prefects will all perform their roles with proud dedication.

Academically, last year was highly successful for Larmor. Although the House was consistently good, several boys deserve special commendation for their performances. At GCSE level Angus Harley achieved 8A*s and 3As, Clark McIlveen achieved 1A* and 8As, Mark Rowney achieved 4A*s and 7As, and Mustafa Thwaini achieved 4A*s, and 5As. At AS level Dylan Braithwaite, Harry Gallagher, Carson McKee and PJ Moth achieved 4As and Max Brankin achieved 3As and 1B. Finally, at A2, Mark Fitzsimmons and Andrew Hopkins both achieved 1A* and 2As, and Jamie McIlveen achieved 3As and 1B. Congratulations to the aforementioned on their results.

Last year Larmor put out several strong teams to compete in the House Championship. The House performed extremely well in the junior cross-country, gaining 1st place and winning the Sheldon Cup. We performed well in many of the competitions and gained 2nd place in the badminton competition. Larmor’s teams also competed strong in the junior rugby and hockey, senior athletics and the Pirrie Cup. Overall, in the House Championship Larmor gained 3rd place, and I would like to thank all of those who participated in the various competitions.

Larmor Corry Cup Winning Team

Corry cup winning team1

Special commendation goes to some individuals of Larmor House for their achievements, including Lewis McNamara, captain of the Schools’ Cup winning 1st XV. Lewis has also been selected to play for Ulster and Irish schools and the Ulster Under 20 squad. Recognition must also go to Carson McKee, RSM of the CCF, who took the other cadets through the various challenging stages of the competition and won the Military Skills Shield. Commendation also goes to Ben Thompson, who competed as part of the RBAI swimming team in various competitions throughout the year and won both the Otter Challenge Cup and the prestigious Bath Cup. Leo Brown of Year 12 was selected to go on football trial for both Birmingham and Reading Also, Aneuren Duffin Murray (Year 12), a talented fencer, competed in the highly contested Sainsbury’s School Games in Manchester where he achieved 3rd place overall. Another sportsman, Josh Cree (Year 9), qualified for the Belfast Boat Club Tennis Tournament, where he played to a very high standard against strong competition. Congratulations to all of these individuals on their achievements throughout the year. 

To finish, I would like to wish Mr Monteith and the tutors continued success, and to all pupils in Larmor House, I hope you have a fulfilling year academically and in the various societies in which you participate.

Adam McDonald
(House Secretary)